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Are you interested in Germany, Switzerland as a business location?

Инвестиций и местo жительства в Швейцарии. Создание компаний, недвижимость, право жить и работать. Бизнес в Германии и cтранах Балтии.

The process of basing a foreign business in Germany and Switzerland involves a large number of strategic decisions and administrative tasks. We ar here to support such pirvate investors and companies by providing the type of preminary information they willl need. We inform potential investors, enterpreneurs and interested parties on Germany and Switzerland as a busines location.

We work together with the cantonal business promotion representatives in selected markets and industry clusteers to actively pursue trade and marketing for Germany and Switzerland as a business location.


Our partners

Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania investment consultants, real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, traders and lawyers.

As an entrepreneur you are just as welcome as a direct investor. We work together with the cantonal authorities and the business promotion agencies to ensure that Germany and Switzerland remains an attractive company location and place to live for you and your family.